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10 fresh reasons to visit the dentist

Instead of boring you to tears with reasons for health and well being (which are totally valid and which we still back up and agree with 100%) consider these unexpected reasons next time you’re weighing up the visit Dentist Bentleigh East :
1. For you millennials, it’s one of the biggest signs of adulting

2. If you have private health insurance, you’ll have a clean bill of health and an immediate payback

3. Been following a dental regime? Now’s the time to show off your hard work!
4. Haven’t been following a dental regime? A check up and clean will put you on a clean slate, literally
5. Because you have a crush on the receptionist at work and want to “get on their good side”
6. Into wellness and health? This will do you way more good than a green smoothie (and prove that you’re serious about staying healthy)
7. So you can continue drinking coffee but still have white teeth
8. So you can get an idea about other areas of your health which surprisingly connect to your teeth

9. Because you’ve been told you could use with a whitening (the cheek!) and there’s already a good deal going on

10.Because you’ve always gotten a good vibe from your dentist but have been too afraid to visit! 

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