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5 Key Dental Trends that are Leading the Future of the Industry

Patients often ask me about the new technologies, treatments, and trends in the dental industry. With the emergence of modern and innovative practice methods and tools, the world of dentistry is adapting.

Keep reading to learn about the new and exciting trends emerging in dentistry. From live consults to emotional dentistry, dental care is becoming more efficient and convenient for patients.

The Future Of Dentistry

Artificial Intelligence

AI algorithms are being used more frequently in the dental industry, and we can expect to see more of them in the future. AI algorithms can analyse data in the healthcare system and suggest recommendations regarding treatments for patients. These algorithms use patient data, research findings, and treatment techniques to find the optimal solution.

Smart Toothbrushes

We’ve heard of smart technologies before, but how can this technology be adapted and used in a toothbrush? Well, smart electric toothbrushes can be paired with a mobile application to ensure you’re brushing your teeth properly, using the proper techniques. The app will also record how frequently you brush your teeth and if you’re brushing too much or too little. With smart toothbrushes, we will likely see patients brushing more effectively and mitigate tooth decay caused by plaque and tartar buildup with better oral hygiene practices.

Live Consults

Dental care can be inaccessible for those who have disabilities, live in remote areas, or fear going to the dentist in East Bentleigh. During the pandemic, health practitioners had to find new ways to attend to patients’ needs through virtual platforms. Dentists now adopt the eConsult forms and virtual consults used during the pandemic that offer virtual dental check-ups and services for those who struggle to get to the dentist regularly.

Emotional Dentistry

Emotional dentistry is a kind of dentistry that does not limit its focus to the physical elements of the field. Instead, it is inclusive of the emotional and mental aspects of the practice. Emotional dentistry includes creating images of the patient’s appearance once the procedure is over to calm their nerves and let them know what to expect. When patients have more confidence and know that the process will give them the desired results, this can enhance the patient experience. 

Increased Interest In Cosmetic Dentistry

Since the pandemic, there has been an increased focus on enhancing our physical features. Zoom meetings have led more people to become conscious of the aspects of their faces and an element of their visual appearance that they would like to work on. Botox, fillers, and other cosmetic treatments are becoming more popular. So, too, is cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic procedures have become more normalised over the past few years, and we can expect to see more people investing in cosmetic dentistry to improve their appearance and smile confidence.


If you’re wondering how to improve your smile and utilise the new options available to dentistry patients, book an appointment with Verve Dental today. Our team of experts can advise you on the best treatment for you. The dentistry world is constantly evolving and adapting, offering patients more convenience, better experiences and more treatment options.

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