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5 Signs Your Child May Need To See The Dentist

Is your child experiencing a dental issue, and you’re unsure whether you need to take them to the dentist or not? As a dental practitioner, I come across many parents worried about their child’s oral health. It’s always better to visit your dentist if you’re unsure, as we can provide an expert opinion on the matter.

For more information on when you need to worry about your child’s teeth, keep reading. We will cover some of the main indicators that indicate your child needs dental care so that you don’t miss any of the warning signs.

Signs That Your Child Needs Dental Care

Here are some of the most significant indicators to determine whether your child will benefit from a trip to the children’s dentist. Your child should visit the dentist regularly for checkups, regardless of whether you spot an issue with your child’s oral health.

Your Child Is Experiencing Pain

If your child is experiencing any pain in the mouth or sensitivity in their teeth, this most certainly warrants a trip to the dentist. If they are experiencing pain when eating or toothache throughout the day, this can definitely be a sign that something isn’t right. Tooth pain can be symptomatic of a chipped or broken tooth in the mouth. So, it’s best to book them in for a visit with the Bentleigh East dentist.

Your Child’s Gums Are Bleeding

If your child’s gums are bleeding, this could be due to a small cut in their mouth, so it is essential to ask your child whether they have injured their mouth. They could have caused their gums to bleed by brushing their teeth too hard or for various reasons. If this isn’t a one-off and your child’s gums are bleeding regularly, this can be a sign of gum disease, so a trip to the dentist is advisable.

You Haven’t Visited In A While

Your child should have regular check-ups with the dentist, regardless of whether they have a dental issue or not. Regular trips to the dentist, and regular teeth cleanings performed by a professional, are essential in ensuring the oral health of your child. So, try to visit your dentist every 6 months or so with your child. Preventative treatment is preferable to repair and restoration treatments, and it won’t cost you as much either.

Your Child Has Bad Breath

If your child has bad breath, this can be caused by tooth decay or the presence of bacteria in the mouth that could lead to tooth decay. Bring them to your dentist to find the root cause of the issue. Your child will likely be embarrassed about their bad breath, and your dentist can help you find solutions and products to manage the problem more effectively.

Your Child’s Teeth Are Loose Or Discoloured

If your child’s teeth are loose and discoloured, especially milk teeth, this can be a sign that something isn’t quite right. Your child’s milk teeth should not be discoloured, and any changes to the colour, including white spots, could indicate a more significant issue.


At Verve Dental, we cannot stress the importance of regularly visiting your dentist for checkups and teeth cleaning. It’s always best to practice preventative care and care for your natural teeth than to remedy the issue once the natural teeth are damaged or decayed. Contact us today for more information on how to practice optimal oral hygiene for you and your family!

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