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Why Do Baby Teeth Matter and How Do I Care for Them?

I see new mothers every day in my line of work. Often, they are unsure how to care for their baby’s milk teeth. Some new mothers are unaware that they need to care for their baby’s milk teeth.

So, why do baby teeth matter?

Keep reading as we explore some exciting reasons babies develop milk teeth before their adult teeth come in. In this post, we will also cover some ways to stay on top of your baby’s oral hygiene and keep their baby teeth healthy and strong.

Reasons Why Infants Have Baby Teeth

To understand why baby teeth matter, let’s dive in and discuss the main reasons why baby teeth exist in the first place.

Baby Teeth Help Infants To Eat Solid Foods

When your baby is ready to wean from the breast or bottle, they will need to turn to other sources of nutrition to support healthy growth and development. Mostly, these are solid or partly solid foods. The enamel on your baby’s teeth will allow them to happily chomp down on their food and break it into smaller, more easily digested pieces.

Most Mammals Have Baby Teeth

Most mammals have baby teeth. Teeth do not grow with us, so our baby teeth fall out to be replaced with more prominent, adult teeth. Since babies and young animals need to eat and digest food in infancy, they need a smaller set of teeth that can be replaced as they grow. Baby teeth hold the place in the gums for the adult teeth to come in.

Baby Teeth Contain Stem Cells

One of the reasons why baby teeth are essential in the scientific and medical sphere is the fact that they contain stem cells. Stem cells are instrumental in creating new tissue that medical scientists can use for transplants, skin grafts, and other valuable purposes.

Baby Teeth Help Your Baby To Smile And Develop Basic Skills

As your baby develops and learns, they need to know how to use their mouth. Smiling, eating, and talking all involve the teeth. If your baby didn’t have their milk teeth, they would struggle to develop social and basic functioning skills that they need later in life.

How To Take Care Of Your Baby’s Teeth

Now that you know why baby teeth are so important, you need to learn how to take better care of your babies’ teeth with the help of your dentist in Bentleigh. This allows them to develop social and habitual skills using their milk teeth.

If you want to take better care of your baby’s teeth, there are some steps you can take:

  • Brushing your baby’s teeth regularly – at your local pharmacy store, you can purchase special small toothbrushes to use on your baby’s teeth. Pharmacies also offer alcohol-free mouthwash for infants and toddlers (so you don’t have to worry about your child swallowing some). You should brush your child’s teeth until they have the motor skills to brush them on their own.
  • For babies under 14 months old – before your baby’s teeth come in, you should brush their gums and newly developing teeth with a clean and sanitised cloth or gauze. Tooth decay can occur on new teeth, so keeping your baby’s teeth clean is essential.
  • Visiting your dentist – you need to see your dentist and have your baby’s teeth checked regularly. This establishes good habits when taking your child to the dentist.


Your baby has tiny teeth that are precursors to their adult teeth. A baby’s milk teeth help them learn how to chew, smile and speak, so taking care of your baby’s teeth is essential. If you’re looking for ways to keep your baby’s oral hygiene intact, consult Verve Dental and enquire about the best practices.

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