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Invisalign Bentleigh East

Invisalign is a virtually invisible alternative to traditional braces that is gaining more popularity among people looking to straighten their teeth without going through the process of metal braces. Invisalign has already helped more than 6 million people worldwide, and you can benefit from its advantages too. Our oral health practitioners at Verve Dental in Bentleigh East Melbourne are certified providers of Invisalign braces and can offer you this solution to help you achieve your dream smile.

How Does it Work?

Your journey to a straighter, healthier smile begins with an initial consultation to assess your suitability for tooth movement with clear aligners. Then we take a simple scan, which we use to give you a preview of your future smile. Every shift in your teeth is precisely planned and executed, using just the right amount of force to move your teeth, so there is no unnecessary pain.

The use of 3D printing technology allows us to create custom aligners that are precisely trimmed to fit your teeth without cutting into your gums. The flexible material of the aligners ensures maximum comfort during Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign’s advanced technology means fewer visits for adjustments, and treatment times are often shorter than required for traditional braces, making Invisalign a fast and effective solution for straightening your teeth.

Invisible Aligners: Invisalign clear, removable aligners gradually shift your teeth into your desired position. As the invisible braces are subtle and inconspicuous, they are perfect for people who are self-conscious about having traditional metal braces.

Comfortable and Removable: Unlike standard braces, Invisalign clear aligners allow you to eat all the foods you enjoy. They can be removed for special occasions and for thoroughly cleaning your teeth. They are designed to be worn for at least 22 hours a day, so you can keep your treatment on track.

Lifestyle Friendly: Most people will not be aware that the aligners are in place, making them a lifestyle-friendly option. With over 6 million people worldwide having used the Invisalign system, you can be confident that it is a tried and tested solution.

If you are looking into straightening your teeth but want to avoid the process of metal braces, then Invisalign may be the solution for you. Contact us today at Verve Dental in Bentleigh East at 03 9570 5188 or book online to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step towards achieving a straighter, healthier smile.

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Invisalign FAQs

When you first start wearing your aligners, it will be understandable strange. The aligner does apply small amounts of pressure to each tooth to allow them to move. This can lead to some discomfort and depending on your tolerance, may require mild analgesics (panadol). However, as your progress through your treatment this discomfort slowly disappears.

Invisalign cost varies from $5000 to $7500 depending on the complexity of treatment. Once we have completed a examination and consultation with you full costs and timeframes will be discussed.

The main difference between Invisalign and traditional braces is that Invisalign (aligners) are completely removable. This means whenever you wish to clean your teeth or have a meal, the aligner is removed. Hence, invisalign does not affect your lifestyle as significantly as braces do. However, as braces are fixed to the teeth and not removable (except by your dentist), they are working 24/7. Invisalign only works while you are wearing them so discipline is needed to follow the recommended wear time.

Speaking of which, for invisalign to be effective, they must be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day.

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Led by Dr Kamal Raj, the team at Verve Dental in Bentleigh East deeply cares that your experience with us is comfortable and stress free. We take the time to listen to your needs and in a collaborative way reach your dental goals together. Book your dental appointment today and experience the difference.

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