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Get a Thorough Dental Clean Every 6 Months: Top Reasons Why

As a dental health practitioner, patients frequently ask me how to improve their oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay. We can brush our teeth daily, floss, and use mouthwash, but is that enough?

Keep reading to find the reasons why you should visit the dentist every 6 months for a thorough clean to protect your teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Top Reasons To Get Your Teeth Cleaned Every 6 Months

We often feel that brushing and maintaining our oral hygiene is sufficient to protect us from plaque buildup, tooth decay, and other dental issues. However, there are many reasons we shouldn’t take a DIY approach to our oral health; using teeth cleaning services will benefit us in the long run.

Your Teeth Clean Is Also A Check-Up

When you get your teeth cleaned every 6 months, it gives your dentist and dental hygienists a chance to check up on your oral health. They will use a mirror to view the condition of your teeth and gums, which will help them to spot tooth decay and gum disease early. 

Gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss, so it’s best to stay on top of it and catch the early signs. Having your gums checked regularly can help you maintain a healthy smile as you get older. 

If there are any issues in your mouth, your dentist will spot them sooner rather than later at your regular teeth cleanings. This will allow them to take fast action, preserve your natural teeth, and identify any issues with fillings and crowns.

Removing Plaque And Tartar

One of the most time-consuming dental hygiene tasks performed at teeth cleanings is the removal of plaque. Your hygienist will remove the plaque building up on your teeth using a tool known as a scaler. Even the most habitual flosser is bound to miss hard-to-reach areas, and your hygienist will ensure these areas get cleaned thoroughly to prevent plaque buildup.

Your dental hygienist will also remove any tartar buildup on the teeth. Tartar builds up when plaque isn’t fully removed – when plaque remains on the teeth, it builds up into hardened tartar or calculus. Tartar is yellow or brown and can be pretty unpleasant when visible. Tartar can cause you to lose your teeth and create a receding gum line. You can’t remove tartar at home, so it’s best to have regular teeth cleanings to avoid tartar buildup.

Polishing And Flossing

When you visit your dentist in East Bentleigh or dental hygienist for teeth cleaning, they will polish your teeth. This involves the use of a gritty toothpaste and polishing tool. The toothpaste is slightly abrasive, which will help to remove any plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth.

The dentist will also give you professional flossing to remove any toothpaste and debris left on the teeth after flossing. The dental hygienist will view and floss tight spots that may be difficult to reach on your own, covering all areas of the mouth to ensure no areas remain uncleaned for long periods.


Visiting the dentists every 6 months for a clean is highly advisable and will give you peace of mind regarding your oral hygiene. We will inevitably miss signs of gum disease and fail to clean all areas of our teeth on our own. So, it’s best to enlist a professional who can help you keep your mouth totally clean. Contact Verve Dental today to book your teeth clean. 

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