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How long should you brush your teeth for? – Some tips and tricks to help you hit 2 minutes

A 2012 systematic review of 59 papers published in International Journal of Dental Hygiene found that, on average, people who brushed for one minute removed about 27 percent of plaque. When people brushed for two minutes, they removed around 41 percent of the plaque on their teeth Self (2018)

Time is relative. The first 2 minutes of your favourite TV shows flies by like 30 seconds whereas the reverse is true for the first 2 minutes of your weekly morning meeting. Brushing your teeth probably falls into the latter category. It seems like a long time to be standing in front of the mirror, so we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to make the time go a bit faster

Brush while you’re watching your favourite show
This is something we do regularly at Verve. Your phone is attached at the hip anyway, so why not put it to some good use?

Zone your teeth
A whole mouth is a lot, but 4 zones makes it seem a lot more achievable. We like to divide the top and bottom set into two separate horizons, left and right.

Make someone do it with you
Get your partner, sister, brother or housemate to come in and do it with you. You can even make a contest out of it. Loser has to buy the winner a round of drinks next Friday!

Brush whilst you’re memorizing lines
Stick your study notes on the mirror, now memorize what you need for your big speech or test. Just make sure you’re brushing thoroughly and not just one area!

Listen to your favourite podcast

Got a favourite podcast? Listen to it whilst your brushing your teeth.

Sit down to brush!
A surprisingly effective one. Perch somewhere next time you brush. You’ll be amazed at how it improves your concentration.

So you’ve brushed your teeth for two minutes, so why does your breakfast taste so funny? 

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