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How Often Should I Have a Professional Dental Clean? Everything You Need to Know

As a dental practitioner, I often see patients that think their at-home brushing is sufficient and wind up with cavities and plaque buildup. Did you know brushing your teeth regularly isn’t enough to keep plaque and tartar at bay?

Regular dental cleaning is essential to keep your teeth clean and reduce your risk of gum disease and tooth decay risk. But, how often should you have your teeth cleaned at the dentist? Keep reading to learn about dental cleaning and how often you need it.

What Is Professional Dental Cleaning?

Professional dental cleaning is a way for patients to outsource the cleaning of their teeth to a professional who will be able to give them a more thorough cleaning and prevent the buildup of plaque.

Because your dentist will use special tools and materials to clean your teeth, you should not try to clean your teeth professionally at home. Dentists have the training and knowledge to clean your teeth thoroughly without compromising the strength of the enamel or the condition of the gums.

When you visit your dentist for teeth cleaning, they will perform the following processes on your teeth:

  • Examining the teeth – before they begin the cleaning process, your dentist will examine the teeth to determine whether you’re suffering from gum disease, staining, plaque buildup, or tartare buildup. They will also discuss areas where you could improve your oral hygiene, like flossing. If there are no concerns about oral health, your dentist will proceed with the cleaning.
  • Removing plaque and tartar – plaque and tartar form on the teeth due to the buildup of bacteria. Once they are on your teeth, plaque and tartar can be extremely difficult to remove on your own. To remove the plaque and tartar, your dentist uses a scaler to scrape the teeth gently. They will use a mirror to improve visibility for the less visible parts of your mouth.
  • Gritty toothpaste cleaning – your dentist will then clean your teeth with gritty toothpaste to remove staining and polish the teeth. The toothpaste is similar to your regular at-home toothpaste, only it is gritty, containing small beads like an exfoliator for the skin. Your dentist will also use a high-powered toothbrush that makes a grinding noise. Combining these tools will help rid your teeth of any leftover plaque and tartar.
  • Flossing – you might floss at home, but your dentist has the training and expertise to floss your teeth without missing any hard-to-reach areas. The flossing will remove any bacteria and debris remaining between the teeth.
  • Rinsing – your dentist will give you a fluoride rinse following the flossing to help clear the mouth of any leftover debris from the cleaning process.
  • Fluoride treatment – to conclude the teeth cleaning process, your dentist will coat your teeth in a protective fluoride treatment.

A professional teeth cleaning will give you a thorough clean, but you cannot perform these steps at home. The gritty toothpaste your dentist uses is abrasive to the teeth and needs to be used with care to avoid eroding the teeth’ enamel. You can only have your teeth cleaned occasionally, as using abrasive toothpaste regularly will erode the protective barrier of your teeth.

Benefits Of Professional Dental Cleaning

There are many benefits to getting your teeth cleaned by a professional. Let’s explore the why of dental cleaning.

  • You might miss areas when brushing at home – when you brush your teeth at home, some areas are impossible to reach and see without a mirror. Your dentist has the tools and equipment to get all parts of the mouth and ensure the entire surface of your teeth is clean.
  • You can reduce staining – when your dentist polishes your teeth, they will remove any staining from food, smoking, and beverages that have developed over time, reducing the yellowing or browning of the teeth.
  • Healthier teeth and lowered risk of gum disease – when you get your teeth cleaned regularly at the dentist, you benefit from healthier teeth. Your risk of tooth decay, plaque, and gum disease will lessen. Protecting your teeth with preventative care can help you retain them and keep them looking healthy and white as you age.
  • Your mouth will feel fresh – one of the best benefits of having your teeth professionally cleaned is how new and clean your mouth feels afterwards. There’s nothing like running your tongue over smooth and polished teeth!
  • Lowered risk of heart disease – if you have gum disease, rotten teeth, or missing teeth, then bacteria can make its way into your bloodstream via the exposed tissue. This bacteria can cause damage to your overall health and your heart health, leading to gum disease. Cleaning your teeth at the dentist helps lower your risk of heart disease and coronary events like heart attacks.

How Often Should I Have My Enamel Professionally Cleaned?

You need to visit your dentist for regular checkups, but you should also invest in preventative care. Having your teeth professionally cleaned is a massive factor in preventive care; it’s recommended that you get your teeth cleaned by your dentist every six months (twice a year).


Your dentist can clean your teeth to a higher standard than you could ever expect to achieve at home with regular brushing. To maintain teeth that are healthy, white, and clean, you must visit your Bentleigh East dentist every 6 months for preventative care. If you desire to get your teeth professionally cleaned, reach out to our team of friendly dental experts at Verve Dental!

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