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How Verve Dental Creates a Welcoming Dental Visit for All Children & Adults

Keeping on top of the whole family’s dental hygiene can be a tough job. Often, parents tend to take care of the young ones first and forget about the older members of the family, including themselves. On the other hand, many parents have had a bad experience taking their children to dentists who can’t or won’t provide the gentle care that kids need.

In the long term, this can be damaging as parents may then hold off on taking their children to the dentist regularly. Naturally, this leads to a range of oral hygiene issues. Here at dental clinic in Bentleigh East, we go over and above to create a welcoming environment that makes everybody feel safe, from babies through to elderly family members. Here are just some of the ways we do this.

A gentle, caring dentist

Dental procedures shouldn’t hurt. Of course, it can sometimes feel uncomfortable depending on your pain threshold and the condition of your teeth – for example, patients with eroded enamel will experience more pain, even with professional teeth cleaning. However, Dr Raj understands this and explores solutions for all. There are several methods to decrease the pain, including numbing gel or even local anaesthetic. For more complex procedures, a general anaesthetic can also be used.

Dr Raj takes a caring, gentle approach, ensuring pain-free treatments for all. This benefits the whole family, especially youngsters or those who have had bad experiences in the past. All ages are catered to and cared for at Verve Dental. 

A calming environment

It’s amazing how the environment we’re in can make a difference to our experiences. That’s why we make the effort to create a welcoming, relaxed environment for our patients. Rather than the overly clinical, harsh setting you’ll find at most dentists, we’re a little different. Using scented oils and soothing music, we create a place you can relax. We also offer wheat bags for your neck, lip balm and even warmed blankets!

Distractions for patients

It’s certainly true that a little distraction goes a long way when dealing with uncomfortable situations. While we do everything we can to provide pain-free dental services, we understand that people’s previous experiences can make them uneasy or even fearful. So, much in the way some doctors entertain small children with a toy while they give injections, we provide distractions. You can watch TV or listen to music through cordless headphones if you’d like to take your mind off the dental procedure.

This is offered to all family members, not just children. So, look no further than Verve Dental for whole family dental care.

Looking for a caring, welcoming dentist in Melbourne?

Doctor Raj and the team at Verve dental are here to look after all of your dental needs. From examining baby teeth all the way through to elderly dental care. We believe in creating a family-friendly environment so that everybody can receive the dental care they need. Coming to the dentist shouldn’t be scary, and at Verve Dental, we go out of our way to make it a great experience. Contact us for further information or to make a booking today.

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