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Do I really need a full mouth makeover?

There’s a house at the end of our street that’s pretty run down. The garden is over grown, driveway uneven and the house paint is peeling off. Sometimes, I see the Dad patching up parts of the house with paint or repairing a window frame that’s broken. And even though the family that live there are happy and friendly, they also look tired and a bit run down – just like their house! Humans are really good at adapting to situations. Got a squeaky floorboard in your hall? You’ll find yourself walking around it to avoid the problem. Have a light bulb that needs replacing in the garden shed? Get your torch out when you need to find the broom or rake. We all get so used to our surroundings that we forget how much we compromise as we adapt. Every year at our annual street party, I always look forward to the mum’s peanut butter and chocolate slice. As I bite into the delicious slice and compliment her amazing cooking skills, she always complains that her kitchen is well overdue for a revamp – it’s like she’s surprised that something so tasty can come out of her old kitchen! But after this year’s street party, something changed. A yellow council sign appeared on their front fence advertising a major renovation. I smiled – finally she was going to get her new kitchen. So what’s this got to do with your teeth? My neighbour adapted to cooking in her old kitchen – adapting to what she had. We also adapt to the slow break down of our mouths and teeth. Over the years of chewing, drinking and grinding, our teeth and gums wear down to become pale versions of their former self. The result? We don’t smile like we used to, we avoid certain foods and drink and we often feel frustrated when things need repairing! A full mouth makeover is like renovating our homes. Even though we’re comfortable with our mouths, they slowly break down with use. Just like our homes, we often don’t recognise what’s needed to fix them. Have you ever moved your couch and only then noticed how worn the carpet is around it? We’re often lulled into a false sense of security believing that just because the house is standing upright all is okay – but then a big thunder storm comes and the roof leaks! When your house isn’t maintained regularly you’re not in control. And it’s the same with our mouths. Years of not looking after your mouth leaves things to chance as to what will happen. Out of the blue, your teeth may chip, split in half or even break off. So how can you avoid this worst case scenario happening to your teeth and mouth? Take a step back and look at the whole the picture. Quite often we only repair the emergencies as they happen rather than looking what is causing the problem in the first place. It’s easy to just get your broken tooth repaired without realising that there’s underlying issues going on that may cause others to break as well. It’s kind of like painting over that damp stain in the ceiling but really the broken roof tile needs replacing. Our mouths are not just teeth and gums. They’re also our jaws and muscles. And by making sure they all work in harmony it leads to predictability, control and peace of mind. Do you think it is time for a makeover?

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