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The Latest Dental Technologies And Techniques: Innovations In Oral Care

At our dental practice in Bentleigh East, we treat patients using the newest and latest technologies for the best results. But these exciting innovations are often unknown to our patients.

So, what are the leading innovations to look for when you visit your dentist in Bentleigh East?

Keep reading as we help you spot top-quality and innovative services to choose the best dentist for your procedure.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is highly beneficial in helping professional dental care. Professionals can spot, treat, and predict oral cancer growth. AI can be used to map and predict the growth of cancer cells to determine how fast they will grow and predict the likelihood of successful treatment.

This is done by using AI to quantify the number of immune cells in the vicinity of cancer cells. By doing this, your dentist can accurately determine your resistance to oral cancer and plan their treatment recommendations accordingly.

Additionally, AI is proving helpful in detecting dental decay and periodontal disease. This is done by using neural networks in conjunction with radiographs, helping to spot the issue early and providing treatment to avoid tooth loss and other complications.

Although this technology benefits the dental community, there are still some ethical concerns surrounding accuracy.

Smart Toothbrushes

Your dentist will likely recommend smart toothbrushes for at-home oral care due to their efficiency and ease of use. Smart toothbrushes operate using a sensor to detect plaque and other dental abnormalities. Getting a true insight into your dental health can be beneficial without investing in dental mirrors and using guesswork to find areas with more plaque.

Plenty of smart toothbrushes are available, including ones for children with fun games to encourage regular brushing habits.

The smart toothbrush often comes with a mobile application allowing you to receive notifications when brushing too hard. It will also provide recommendations for improving your brushing habits – reducing your chances of plaque, decay, and periodontal disease.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality for dental treatments in Bentleigh East works like a face filter app on your phone. Dental students and professionals are now using augmented reality to educate the steps they take during a dental procedure. The app will provide them with feedback based on precision.

The augmented reality tool can also be extremely useful in helping to improve the accuracy and look of cosmetic dental treatments, such as porcelain veneers.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be an excellent tool for training in dental practices, but it also has another use for patients. Many people have a phobia of the dentist’s chair, which can cause severe anxiety during a procedure. Dentists are using virtual reality to dispel this fear and make their patients more comfortable during their time in the chair.

They don’t need to feel like they are at the dentist, and they can relax while enjoying an immersive experience, feeling as though they are somewhere entirely different. A beautiful forest or beach feels much better than the dentist’s chair, right?


Many people have extenuating circumstances that make it difficult for them to visit the dentist in person. This is why many dentists are now offering teledentistry services. Using teledentistry services, patients can access the care and support they need for oral health from the comfort of their homes.

Teledentistry allows dentists to make their services more accessible and patient-oriented. Patients can send images and discuss their dental health with their dentist in a one-on-one video call, accessing friendly and personalised services without travelling.

This service option is particularly beneficial for patients with disabilities that might otherwise neglect their dental health due to the difficulty of travelling.

3D Printing

Manual modelling has been a pain in the neck for dentists over the years. When a dentist needs to create a crown for a patient, for instance, they must image the tooth, send the imaging off to the lab, and wait for the new crown to be modelled manually. With 3D printing, dentists can use imaging to instantly create a crown insert for the tooth, using 3D printing technology to reduce waiting times.

The same process is beneficial for creating invisible aligners and retainers for patients, which must be performed every few weeks to correct teeth with invisible braces.

Intra-Oral Camera Technology

Dental mirrors are becoming a thing of the past. Dentists now favour intra-oral camera technology for dental imaging, allowing them to see more clearly when performing dental procedures. They provide more accuracy and precision, preventing pain for the patient during dental procedures due to errors.

Regenerative Dentistry

Regenerative dentistry is a relatively novel concept. We often consider teeth to be beyond repair once they are decayed. However, regenerative dentistry brings up the idea of self-healing teeth and tooth regeneration. Salvaging your natural teeth is the most optimal option in any dental procedure, and developing this technology is an exciting step in dentistry.


The world of dentistry is ever-changing and evolving, and the best dentists are keeping up with the latest trends. When you visit your local Bentleigh East dentist, enquire about the tools and technologies. If you need dental services, contact our friendly team here at Verve Dental to discuss the treatment options available.

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