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The Top 4 Foods to Eat to Promote Overall Oral Health

Everybody wants to have healthy teeth and gums, and most of us have been warned from an early age to stay away from sugary sweets and fizzy drinks. Most people are told all about the foods they should avoid for fear of rotting their teeth, but very few are educated on the foods they should eat to promote good oral health.

Here are some foods that are great for your teeth, and a couple of them might surprise you!


Most dairy foods are great for your teeth because they provide a good mix of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, zinc and magnesium. We often hear about the benefits of calcium for healthy teeth, but all the other ingredients in dairy are also great for your mouth!

The combination of calcium, phosphorous and casein helps form a protective film over your teeth, which protects tooth enamel and can help prevent decay. In fact, if you do find yourself eating some sugary treats that aren’t great for your teeth, you can counteract the effects somewhat by eating cheese or drinking milk after the meal.


Even if you have a diet that’s high in calcium, it’s important to note that our bodies can’t absorb calcium as effectively if we don’t get enough Vitamin D. So, while it’s the calcium in the rest of your diet that really helps to protect your teeth and gums, you should also include plenty of Vitamin D in your diet to ensure your teeth get the full benefit of the calcium.

Fish is a great source of Vitamin D, and in fact, the fattier, the better. Salmon and mackerel are two types of fatty fish that contain a lot of Vitamin D, and this gives you a little-known oral health benefit.

Green Tea

If you eat or drink a lot of sugary products, you’ll find that bacteria feeds on the sugars in your mouth and causes tooth decay. One way to counteract that is with green tea because it contains polyphenols. The polyphenols found in green tea help fight and kill the bacteria that causes plaque, and it also reduces the acidity of your saliva, further protecting your tooth enamel.

Dark Chocolate

Ok, it’s not too often that you’ll hear dentists encouraging you to eat a lot of chocolate. Most chocolate contains a lot of sugar, which is bad for your teeth, however darker types of chocolate have less sugar. Instead, they are rich in cacao bean husk. This little gem actually helps to harden tooth enamel, making you less susceptible to tooth decay. Still, remember only to eat dark chocolate in moderation and always rinse our mouth afterwards. If you don’t like chocolate at all or you’re watching your weight, you can even buy cacao nibs and snack on those for similar benefits.

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