Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Matching Mother Nature

We’ve often been told that there’s simply no way to fill a gap in your teeth so that it feels like your real teeth. That’s simply no longer the case. Dental implants are tomorrow’s solution to the age-old problem of missing one or more teeth.

While a dentist can bridge the gap in the short term, dental implants are the safe way to enjoy life, secure in the knowledge that your smile will light up the room again.

You’ll be happy to laugh and have the confidence to eat what you like, when you like.

What exactly are dental implants?

Dental implants are small titanium screws that anchor new replacement teeth into the jawbone giving you the ability to live life to the full, safe in the knowledge that your dental implants are safe and secure.

There’s more to dental implants that titanium and replacements. We’ll take you through the full range of treatment procedures so that you’ll be able to decide the perfect option for you and your treatment.

A titanium dental implant mirrors the root of a tooth. Securely anchoring the implant to the jawbone, the implant looks and feels like a natural tooth.

Beautiful Teeth, A Desire As Old As Time

History documents efforts to replace teeth as long ago as 4000 years in China but it was only in the 1950’s that things began to take shape.

Discoveries in biomedical research meant that scientists realized that certain types of metal became part of the patient – perfect for securing dental implants in the jawbone.

There are now over 50 years of well-documented clinical research and experience that demonstrate the reliability of the modern titanium implant. It’s not just about the science though.

It’s about the millions of people all over the world who have got their smiles back from one small discovery.

Dental Implants – Titanium Roots

Titanium dental implants are fixed to the jawbone. They are the root for your new tooth. Your dental implants will be tailored to you to make sure it is the best fit for your jawbone.

Abutment Attaches To Dental Implant
Abutments are the element that secures your new tooth to your new tooth root. Usually made from titanium or ceramic, they work with your new tooth root to anchor your new tooth to your jawbone.

Crown Attaches To Abutment

Pearly white and shining bright!

Your dental implant and abutment are firmly anchored and form the foundation for your new tooth or teeth to be attached. You may opt for a Crown (single tooth), a Bridge (several or many teeth), or a Fixed Prosthesis (all teeth).

Good News!

What sets dental implants apart from traditional dentistry is that fact that they won’t affect the healthy teeth that normal crowns and bridge use.

The dental implants work independently of your other teeth and work with the jawbone to become a fully integrated part of your mouth, without bone loss or receding gums.

For You, For The Rest Of Your Life

Why Implants?

  • Dental implants are the reliable, safe, and permanent option for tooth replacement
  • Dental implants mean that you won’t have to rely on uncomfortable and unreliable dentures and the never-ending quest to find an adhesive that feels as good as natural teeth.
  • Dental implants bring all the benefits of strong, natural teeth – eat, smile and talk naturally.
  • Dental implants become part of you, with the jawbone attaching to the titanium implants with the same security and result of a natural tooth and preserving the look and structure of your whole face.

Taking Care Of Your Implants

You’ll be able to look after your dental implants just as you look after your natural teeth.

Our Solutions Are Tailor-Made To Match Your
Unique Needs

Like everyone’s dental impression, every one’s teeth are different. Dental Implants are the solution that works with your natural teeth to create a dazzling smile – whether you need to replace one or many.

Dental implants will match your exact requirements.

Dental implant treatment is often straightforward, performed in the dental surgery. Normally needing only a local anesthetic, you will be able to leave your dentist’s surgery with your new implants straight away. As your treatment will be tailor-made, so will your consultation time. Your dentist will talk you through the process first.

The Single Tooth Solution

If you are missing only one tooth, this can be simply replaced by a single crown attached to a dental implant.

Bridging The Gap

With all dental implants, there are always options. When replacing more than one missing teeth, you can replace teeth using the individual crown option or a bridge attached to several dental implants. It’s whatever works best for you…

A Full Set Of Teeth (All-On-4)

Sometimes, dental implants are needed to replace a whole upper or lower jaw, or both. Dental implants are the reliable and secure option for the attachment of a full bridge to several implants. A prosthesis option is also available for cleaning.

Are there differences between dental implant brands?

The quality of dental implants can vary from very low quality to top-of-the-range. Many different factors impact the quality of dental implants –from the method of manufacture to the location of manufacture, from design to finish. It’s worth spending time researching as
– as with most things – the quality may have implications further down the line.

How long will my new tooth/teeth last?

With proper care your implants should last the rest of your life.

Will I be in pain after the procedure?

As with many procedures, there will be sensitivity and swelling. This should pass in a matter of days. We can certainly offer advice on effective pain relief should you need it.

Can I chew, crunch and eat anything with my dental implants?

Yes – you should be able to return to living normally and that includes eating.

Do I get my new teeth and implants on the same day?

Normally, some healing time is factored in to allow your implants to bond with your jawbone. You will receive a temporary tooth until the healing period is over and you can have your new teeth fitted.

Can an implant be placed immediately after removing a natural tooth?

Yes very often however we will decide by considering the condition of the extraction site and your jawbone.

How much do dental implants cost?

As each set of dental implants are tailor-made, the length and cost of your treatment depends on your personal dental circumstances and what needs to be achieved. Join us for a complimentary Consultation and we will be able to assess your case and discuss costs with you but.

Can anyone have dental implants?

It’s important that the jawbone is fully developed before dental implants can be inserted. Patients unusually must be older than 25 years of age.

Delivering High Quality Dental Care In A Gentle And Caring Approach

Client Reviews

Peter Ashkar
Peter Ashkar
When I moved from Sydney to Melbourne two years ago, I had to find myself a new dentist. A friend recommended Dr Kamal Raj at Verve Dental. The recommendation was spot on. Dr Raj and his team could not be more friendly and professional. They even see you at the actual time of your appointment, which I find especially helpful and respectful. Their fees are very reasonable too.
Niloufer Lobo
Niloufer Lobo
Great service from a wonderful team, couldn't be happier!
Jackson Shaw
Jackson Shaw
Great dentist, very careful and pain free!
Nicholas Greig
Nicholas Greig
Dr Raj was excellent as was his staff. Couldn’t recommend Verve Dental enough. Thanks
Andrew Woff
Andrew Woff
2020 has not been kind to many people and finding out I was going to lose a front tooth was not news I wanted to hear. I am so thankful that I sort treatment from Dr Raj and Verve Dental. From the first day I stepped into the building to the day I walked out with my completed Implant every single employee at Verve made me feel comfortable and confident that I had nothing to worry about. Dr Raj explained everything in a way I could understand, and even went out of his way to explain things that interested me about the process. His very specialised torque wrench is measured in Newton Centimetres. My Implant looks exactly like the adjacent tooth, and if I didn’t point it out, I’d be surprised if you could tell that it wasn’t a real tooth. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Raj to anyone needing Dental work done.
Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee
Dr Raj has transformed my dental experience. He quickly identified that I needed to sit more upright to assist my breathing during dental treatment. This has made such a major difference for me - I'm no longer scared to go to the dentist. After years of bad expereiinces. I am so grateful his gentle and caring attitude allowed him to listen and find what worked for me.
Athena Regos
Athena Regos
It was my first time visiting Verve Dental and I must say the service was excellent. Dr Raj and the team made me feel very comfortable during my visit. Dr Raj was very attentive and informative throughout the whole process and I look forward to visiting again!
I have been a client of Verve for over 25 years. The service is consistently excellent. Always accommodating, and professional. The consultations are always informative and help ensure I am taking good care of my teeth between visits. I highly recommend their services.
Sam (sam77)
Sam (sam77)
I am normally afraid of dentists. I would avoid them like the Ebola however circumstances forced me to visit one. I choose Dr Raj. I couldn't be any happier with his service. He is gentle, caring and takes the time to explain things and make you feel comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Please give him and his team a chance.
Isabella Sciarra
Isabella Sciarra
I recently completed my Invisalign journey with Dr Raj at Verve Dental, after being recommended from my partner and his family. The whole team at Verve made my experience extremely easy, stress free and comfortable. I am over the moon with my results from the treatment, which is it a testament to the advice, direction and special care given to me. I highly recommended Verve Dental to anyone who needs a gentle dentist who will look after them, from first phone call to the end of treatment. Thank you so much to Glennis, Karyn and Dr Raj for looking after me with such care. I will be continuing to see them for regular check ups.