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How We Overcome Dental Fear at Verve Dental

If the thought of going to the dentist fills you with fear, you aren’t alone. Whether you’re nervous about the pain or feel embarrassed about the condition of your smile, it’s normal to get anxious before visiting the dentist in East Bentleigh.

At Verve Dental, we understand these concerns and work hard to help our patients overcome their fears. Below, you’ll learn how our clinic helps you alleviate your worries and feel more comfortable in the dental chair.

Open communication

For some people, getting dental work done is scary because it involves a loss of control. When you’re in the chair, you may feel like you’re in the dark about what your dentist is doing, which can trigger feelings of fear or claustrophobia.

To combat this, the Verve Dental team focuses on open communication between dentists and patients. Before we start working on your teeth, we’ll let you know what we’re doing and how much pain or pressure to expect. We also encourage you to ask questions, so you feel completely comfortable throughout the procedure.

Take breaks (if necessary)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in for a routine check-up or major dental work — if you need a break during your procedure, you should be able to have one.

Our team at Verve Dental understands that everybody handles dental care differently. As our patient, we’ll always respect your needs and make time for quick breaks if requested.

Soothing atmosphere

Dental clinics have come a long way in recent years, moving away from the cold and intimidating offices of years past. These days, dental teams are creative and thoughtful when designing their practices, using soothing touches to make patients feel at ease.

At Verve Dental, we strive to create a calming, spa-like experience in our practice. We aim to soothe our patients’ senses with scented oils, tranquil music, heated neck support pillows, and warmed blankets. We’ve found that these small touches can go a long way in terms of patient comfort.

Provide distractions

Even if you aren’t typically afraid of the dentist, it can be hard to relax when you’re sitting in a dental chair, staring at the ceiling, and hyper-focused on what’s going on in your mouth.

Luckily, many modern dental clinics (including Verve Dental) allow you to listen to music or watch TV from your chair. Or, if you have kids, having the option to distract them can make dental appointments much more manageable.

Transparent pricing

If you’re concerned about the financial costs of your dental visit, make sure to choose a dental practice with clearly defined fees and flexible payment options.

At Verve Dental, we’re always 100% transparent on fees, so you understand every part of your bill. Depending on your individual situation, you may also be able to sign up for a flexible payment plan to pay the bill over time.

Schedule an appointment with Verve Dental

For many people, overcoming dental fear is no easy feat. That’s why Verve Dental has set up our clinic to be as patient-friendly as possible, focusing on open communication, a calming environment, and easy-to-understand pricing.

If you’ve been delaying your dental care, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly team to discuss your concerns and learn why Verve Dental is different. Call us on 03 9570 5188 or book online today.

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